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Based out of California, our team of athletes, scientists, and coaches gives you access to the latest in fitness & nutrition. With our growing community of health-conscious doers, you can make new friends as you have fun taking on exciting challenges. Join the team below and experience the movement!

At Vital Movement Labs, we do what we do because this one life means everything to us. It'd be an utter waste to not push our limits and discover our potential. We're not about living mediocre lives, merely getting by without ever truly having lived, without trying something exciting and new. Every day, we strive for improvement — to make use of this one body and one mind that we were given.

Our Mission: To Fuel the Collective Enthusiasm to Move & Live

Here's How We Will Encourage An Active World - The Strategies:

1. Build the Best Healthy Community, Whose Stories May Inspire the World & the Future
2. Develop the Cleanest, Most Flavorful Nutrition to Have the Energy to Purposefully Think & Move
3. Inspire Constant Movement — So That Every Single Day, We Get to Live Our Best Lives Possible

We're at our best when we're moving. We live for it. But sometimes, it's hard. Our minds and bodies succumb to exhaustion, especially without a supportive community, professional gear, and performance nutrition. We created Vital Movement Labs to provide the resources, and a Lifestyle, which help our minds and bodies perform and excel every single day. For a High-Performance Lifestyle...

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